Onetastic and OneCalendar Now Available in Chinese and Turkish

October 27, 2012

Onetastic and OneCalendar now has an update with Simplified Chinese and Turkish as additional language options in addition to English. When you start OneCalendar next time it will automatically upgrade and you will be greeted with a language selection:

OneCalendar language selection

Similarly Onetastic installer will display a language selector:

Onetastic language selection

The language for OneCalendar can be changed afterwards from Settings screen. For Onetastic, you have to re-install and choose a different language to change your language.

Being a native Turkish speaker, I translated them to Turkish and big thanks to Ellison Zeng for providing translation for Simplified Chinese. If you want to translate Onetastic, visit this post.

Compact Mode

Onetastic update comes with a few new features. The first one is a Compact Mode for macros. Macros are displayed in Home tab or a separate Macros tab. If you like them in Home tab for easy access, but don't like the fact that they take a large space in the ribbon, you can switch to Compact Mode from Settings dropdown. This will reduce all macros to a single button:

Normal and Compact Mode

You can see that the categories turned into menu headers and macros are under them. The Edit, New and Settings buttons also use minimal space. This is especially useful if you have a smaller screen and a lot of categories. And here is the place you can switch to this mode:

Normal and Compact Mode

Page XML

Another feature added in this update is the ability to see and edit the XML representation of the current page. You can see above a "Show Page XML" option under Settings. This is not really a setting but that was the most appropriate place to put this. When you click on this button, you will get a window that contains the XML representation of the current page.

Page XML

There are two ways you can use this. First is to help build macros, you can look at how objects are defined and their properties in OneNote. This can for instance help you understand the date/time format how colors are defined. Second is that you can actually edit this XML and click OK to update the page. This may be more a development tool for me, as I frequently need to look at and understand the page structure and try updating things to see how everything works. Anyway originally I was going to make this a small tool for myself, then I ended up adding it to Onetastic, in case people find it useful.

Other Updates/Fixes

That is all for now, and I would be happy to hear your questions or comments.


Hugh - 2012-11-06
Any chance of an RT version? :)
{Sent from my Microsoft Surface :-P}
Omer Atay - 2012-11-05
Antoine, for flowchart shapes the only support in OneNote is the built-in drawing shapes (Draw>Insert Shapes). OneNote 2013 has embedded Visio diagram support, thought that requires you to have Visio installed.
Antoine - 2012-11-01
Great additions to One note. Any Idea of how flowchart shapes can be added?

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