New Macros for Changing Case and Dimming Tags

September 14, 2013

New macros are available at Macroland. The first set of macros are related to changing casing of text. There are four of them and they will look like this with a nice icon specific to them once you download and install them:

Change Case

They change the casing of the selected text as specified in their names. Getting them to work required some bug fixing so you will need to download the latest version of Onetastic.

Here are the links for them:

Dimming/Undimming tags

Second set of macros are related to dimming/undimming tags. These are very useful with tag summary pages. If you search for tags and create summary pages, there are two options:

  1. Dim the original tags. In this case the tags in the summary page are the only ones that will show up in the search results if you search again. You can't directly find the original tags anymore.
  2. Don't touch the original tags. In this case the tags will be duplicated in the search results if you search again.

Several users don't want either of these. They want to keep the original tags as is and they don't want duplicated tags in the search pane. The new macros can help with this. The Dim Tags macro will dim all the tags in the current page. You can run it on the summary page and they won't show up in the search results any more. If you for some reason revert this you can use the Undim Tags macro. Also if you have used the first option mentioned above and all your original tags are now dimmed, you can run the Undim Tags macro to get them back.

Hope these new macros are useful and let me know if you have any comments about them.


Marshall - 2017-06-18
It would sure be great to have a version of these that affects the case of the page titles in a section or section titles in a notebook.  

I've got a recipe section with a few hundred recipes in it, each on a page. The titles of the pages are mostly cut/pasted from the first line of the recipe, which could have come from anywhere. The mix of capitalization styles drives me nuts, but I can't find a way to change them all to init caps.
DL-IND - 2013-09-25
I have added the \' and ’ to the letter lists and it works now.
Perhaps, if you refine the macro Capitalize Each Word, you could add a condition so that words such as \"OneNote\" will not become \"Onenote\". MS-Word\'s Change-Case skips that condition.
Omer Atay - 2013-09-19
DL-IND: You can edit the macro and add the \' to the list of letters. I will try it out when I find some time and update it. For the user comments and replies, there isn\'t a page available for that, you can go through each post and see them.

Wayne: Please start OneNote, then close it and then send me logs from %temp%\\Onetastic_*.log via e-mail.

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