TOC in Current Section

Description : Creates a new page with table of contents of the current section


TOC in Current Section

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Author(s) : Omer Atay
Category : TOC
Last Updated : July 30, 2016
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TOC in Current Section

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Michael Gierth - 2016-06-15
Hi Omer

Many thanks for your work.

Is ist possible to have a TOC also for a "section group"? We have a big OneNote book and if we make a toc  with the scope "pages" we get an error.


DustyBlues - 2016-05-23
Is there a way to refresh an existing TOC for a section should the section contents change? Not having to rerun the macro, as I typically put it as the top entry on each section.

Cliff Hobbs - 2015-10-15
Hi Omer,

I'm a Microsoft MVP in Enterprise Mobility.

Many thanks for Onetastic which I'm starting to use - it looks AWESOME and if I start using it a lot I'll happily make a donation ;-)

Is there anyway to modify the Macro please so that the TOC it creates is bulleted and there is a paragraph space between the end of the Subpage list and next higher level subpage?

For example in OneNote I have the following:

Top level 1
   Sublevel Pg1
   Sublevel Pg2
   Sublevel Pg3
Top level 2
   Sublevel Pg12
   Sublevel Pg22
   Sublevel Pg32

If would be really cool if when the TOC Macro ran it bulleted the list and it left a space between in this example Sublevel Pg3 and Top level 2 kind of like this:

o Top level 1
   o Sublevel Pg1
   o Sublevel Pg2
   o Sublevel Pg3

o Top level 2
   o Sublevel Pg12
   o Sublevel Pg22
   o Sublevel Pg32

Happy to pay for your time to make this happen ;-)

Kind regards,