TOC in Current Page

Description : Creates a table of contents from heading in the current page and inserts at the top of the page. Optionally it adds "Back to Top" links to the headings.


TOC in Current Page

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Author(s) : Omer Atay
Category : TOC
Last Updated : September 04, 2016
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Download(s) : 18087
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TOC in Current Page

Changelog :

September 04, 2016 - Omer Atay
Now finds all the headers in the page, even if they are in a table.

August 16, 2016 - Omer Atay
Re-added the option for "Back to Top" links, which was lost in the previous update.

July 30, 2016 - Omer Atay
TOC now uses indents based on heading level so that it can be collapsed

June 20, 2016 - Omer Atay
Re-written with the new Macro Language to take advantage of cleaner syntax and performance improvements

July 24, 2014 - Omer Atay
Added the option for "Back to Top" links.

March 17, 2013 - Omer Atay
Initial version


Omer Atay - 2017-01-01
menace97: Can you send a copy of your page to
menace97 - 2017-01-01
I have tried this macro in multiple situations and cannot get any result to occur, i.e. nothing happens. Clicking the "Add (Back to Top) link" check box doesn't add a link either. I have reinstalled the macro also.

Thanks for any help :)

Microsoft OneNote Version: 14.0.7149.5000 (32-bit)
Wheeling - 2016-09-22
Hi, Omer.

Create a directory each time, will not cover the original directory.This can be perfect?
Also, I'd like to add a point in front of the directory. But I don't know how to set up.
Such as
* test1
    * test2
(Star instead of a dot, or can be customized)

My English is very poor, it is the result of machine translation.Please forgive me.

Thank you