Macro Logging to Report Macro Issues

July 14, 2018
If a macro results in an error or doesn't do what you expect it to do, you can now collect logs and send them to our support e-mail address for investigation.

Collecting Macro Logs

To collect macro logs, click on Settings > Enable Macro Logging.

Enable Macro Logging button

This will display the Macro Logging dialog box:

Macro Logging dialog box

Keep this dialog box open and then run the macro you are having issues with to reproduce the problem. When you execute a macro while the Macro Logging dialog is open, it will automatically collect logs from the macro.

Once you are done with the macro button will become enabled. Make sure to close all error messages or dialog boxes that the macro displays before saving logs.

Log Contents

Macro logging will collect enough information to reproduce the issues. This includes contents of the pages or sections in OneNote that the macro worked on. For instance if you used Search & Replace macro in a section, the macro will have to read the contents of all pages in the section and logs will contain all that content. Keep that in mind when sending these logs to avoid sending sensitive or private information.

When you click on it will display a summary of what data it have collected:

Macro Logging info dialog

Sending Logs

After saving the logs to your computer, send it as an attachment to Explain what you expected the macro to do and what you got instead.


Pupjohn - 2018-10-15
I just read that Microsoft will sunset OneNote 2016 and have only the OneNote uwp available starting later this year.
Will Ontastic be able to work with the app? I hope that this is the case as I dread not having the addins from Ontastic.

Thank you,
Gay - 2018-10-14
Please add table background properties (NOT highlightcolor) !!!!!
Omer Atay - 2018-10-11
fromCharCode: Currently you cannot delete objects. If the images are inside Outlines, you can find the parent Paragraph of the image and set its .text to empty string ("") and that would remove the image. If the image is directly on the page, there isn't currently a way to remove it.

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